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Silicone ventilation Adhesive

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Silicone ventilation Adhesive
Abstract: JTF-606 Silicone Ventilation Adhesive

JTF-606 Silicone Ventilation Adhesive(Patented product 201620980525.0)

One, the typical application:

   JTF-606 Silicone Ventilation AdhesiveWidely used in circuit boards, display screens, such as surface coating, to protect them from all kinds of chemical corrosion, salt mist, damp, dust, vibration and high and low temperature and other adverse environmental erosion, destruction, thereby improving the stability and reliability of its work.

Second, the product characteristics:

1, good thermal conductivity, and effectively improve the thermal capacity of electronic products;

2, with excellent transmittance and refractive index, can minimize the light decay of the coated light source;

3, Anti-ultraviolet ability, to ensure that products in the outdoors for a long time to use also does not change;

4, good temperature and variable performance, in -40~220℃ under the use of can maintain a stable level of work;

5, good chemical resistance, protect the line surface from chemicals, moisture and other dirt erosion;

6, electrical insulation performance, to prevent leakage, to meet the requirements of miniaturization of components;

7, the process performance is good, the operation is simple, is suitable for the brush coating, the dip coating, the spraying and so on craft;

8, strong adhesion to a variety of circuit boards, display a good adhesion.

Third, JTF-606 silicone ventilation Adhesive Technical parameters:

Four, JTF-606 silicone ventilation Adhesive Use method:

1, weighing: accurate weighing A and B group (a:b =1:1);

2, stirring: the mixture of the two groups to fully stir evenly, about 1-2min;

3, coating: coating with no leakage, no flow hanging prevail. The thickness of a coating film is generally suitable between 0.1-0.3mm.

4, Curing: After its initial curing, and then packaging.

Five, Attention matters:

1, before the coating, you need to first board the surface of the dust, moisture, oil removal, and maintain dry;

2, the proportion of the glue to be accurate, mixed evenly, the first time after the film dry, you can apply the second;

3, with good glue in the operation time to use up, lest time too long glue initial solid and cause unnecessary waste;

4, the product added volatile, flammable diluent, please be careful to keep away from the source of ignition;

5, this product should be placed in a cool, dry place sealed preservation;

6, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before use, please first and trial, suitable, can be assured of use. If there are problems, please contact Division I, the company will send a person to resolve.