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Power Filling and sealing adhesive

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Power Filling and sealing adhesive
Power Filling and sealing adhesive

First, use:

jtf-dy-106Series of room temperature curing silicone power supplyPotting GlueMainly in the company for the LED display packaging and development of special potting gum, this glue has excellent waterproof and heat dissipation, to maximize the guarantee of the service life of lighting.

Second, function and characteristics:

1, it has excellent waterproof nature, can protect the lighting not by water immersion;

2, with excellent heat dissipation, can ensure that lighting and electrical components in the use of the process will not be due to excessive temperature and affect the service life;

3, with super Anti-ultraviolet ability, to ensure that the lighting in its service life encapsulation with glue never brittle;

4, with excellent weather performance, to ensure that lighting and electrical components in a wide range of temperature ( -40~220℃) and underwater, such as the normal use of special circumstances, so that the use of lighting area almost unlimited;

5, this series of products are cured at room temperature, the main curing mechanism is with the air moisture reaction and curing, so the temperature is not sensitive, so that its curing conditions require simpler, easier to operate.

Third, the power supply potting Adhesive Technical Specifications:

Four: Power supply Potting Glue use method:

1, with glue, this series of glue are two-part liquid, the use of two parts in accordance with 10:1 of the proportion of mixing, and mixing equipment to fully stir (be sure to ensure that two parts mixed evenly), note: Must ensure that the mixing rod and the container cleaning (not with the rest of the glue contact);

2, vacuum, after the glue will be placed in the bubble-blowing device for bubble treatment, because the silica gel molecular tension is small, so in the vacuum when the bubble is very easy to accumulate, you can see a lot of bubbles very fierce platoon out. So in order to avoid the waste of glue, in the vacuum, as many times as possible in the discharge valve place gas;

3, after the elimination of bubbles, you can transfer glue into professional potting equipment for drip irrigation;

4, after the drop gum, placed 5-6 hours or so, when the surface does not stick to the hand (after the full table dry) can be packaged.