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Soft light strip drop glue processing

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Soft light strip drop glue processing
Soft light strip drop glue processing

One, the drip glue Notice matters:

1, drop gum, respectively, with the machine to play AB glue, test the machine a\b glue the amount of plastic, the amount of glue to the same side can drop gum;

2, the output of the machine according to the specifications of the lamp bar to do different adjustments, such as: 3528 30 lights and 60 lights out of the amount of plastic is not the same, after the light of the glue, to feel full, cover the lamp bead;

3, after the drip glue, with the hot air tube (low wind speed, high temperature) will be the light of the surface of the glue blow, the vent hole of the hot air tube from the lamp bar of the surface of 20CM or so, the speed of the movement of the wind control at 5 meters/1 minutes, so that

4, visual drip glue lamp strip, found that there is a leak gum place, first check is the glue flow or is the glue is very little, the former situation first do not fill gum (glue will flow), the latter situation, please fill in time glue;

Second, glue:

1, Lamp glue curing time (2 hours), first check the surface of the light strip, there is leakage of plastic immediately fill (do not apply silicone oil or silicone glue);

2, the glue to start curing (90 minutes), with a hot air cylinder or lighter to make the glue thinner, coated on the lamp bar, and the finger or cotton swab will be put on the surface of the glue to wipe the light;

3, if the light bar has bad electrical or poor appearance need to repair, peel off the part of the glue before, should be cut into oblique mouth, so that after the glue will not have cracked traces;

4, the maintenance of the lamp can not bend uneven, affixed to the aluminum above should be done: "is, flat, snapping" three points, the glue used in the glue is best in the 90 minutes with the use of glue;

5, after the glue, should check the place of glue and the original part of the glue drop parallel, can not have high and low rugged;

6, if the shipment is very urgent, glue needs to use a fast-drying method of rubber, glue after baking to the glue mist when used, and then bake the rubber part, there is no part of the glue with paper skin or other insulation material occlusion;

7, baking rubber parts, should bake for half an hour, stop 10 minutes, and so on, and so on, until the glue curing;

Third, Packaging:

1, the appearance of light inspection, the surface of good products should be coated with silicone oil, so that the surface of the light strip stain;

2. A heat shrinkable sleeve is mounted on one end of the wire;

3, light from the surface of the unloading, can only one at a time, can not be more than one, to prevent the light strips from each other glued together, will be the surface of the light strip glue tear;

4, light strips from the top of the aluminum strip off, if the back of the light bar traces of glue, need to dispose of clean.