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What is the process characteristic of potting gum?

Organic siliconPotting GlueProcess characteristics:

1, after curing a half solidification, a lot of substrate adhesion and sealing performance is good, with excellent heat and cold alternating performance.

2, two components will not quickly gel after mixing, so there is a longer operating time, once the heating will soon solidify, curing time can be controlled freely.

3, the curing process without by-products produced, no contraction.

4, with excellent electrical insulation performance and high and low temperature performance ( -50℃~200℃).

5, the gel is cracked by external forces can automatically heal, also played a waterproof, moistureproof effect, does not affect the use of the effect.

Typical use:

This product is dedicated to precision electronic components, solar energy, backlight and electrical module waterproof, moisture-proof, gas-contaminated coating, pouring and potting protection.

Professional silicone gel, electronic silicone gel, potting silicone gel, add molding silicone gel.

Process characteristics of epoxy resin potting adhesive:

In addition to the lack of high cost, the material storage conditions are strict, the use of epoxy potting sealant should meet the following requirements:

1. Good performance, long application period, suitable for large quantities of automatic production line operations.

2. Low viscosity, strong infiltration, can be filled with components and lines.

3. Potting and curing process, fillers and other powder components of the settlement of small, not stratified.

4. Curing heat release peak low, curing and narrowing.

5. The curing material has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good heat resistance and good adhesion to a variety of materials, water absorption and linear expansion coefficient is small.

6. Some occasions also require potting materials with refractory, weather, heat conduction, high and low temperature and other properties of alternating.

Mixing technology:

Epoxy potting, high heat conduction potting sealant, silicone potting, polyurethane potting, flexible resin or heat-soluble potting bitumen paraffin, in the color, there is filler potting gum, most contain high-density, high gravity of the filler.

For example: quartz, heavy calcium, aluminum hydroxide, even more dense barite and other inorganic mineral materials to improve the various formulations. When in use, be sure to stir evenly. Especially when needed with curing agent to participate in reaction type. Fillers are usually placed in the a group, before using, if you can not stir evenly, will cause adverse effects of curing products quality, more frightening is sometimes this bad product is difficult to immediately find, so that the production of a large number of waste, and even a large number of potentially dangerous products in the customer market flow, like a bomb, In addition, manufacturers often ignore in the solidification process of precipitation, generally this situation will not cause apparent hardness changes, but the upper and lower layers of the properties of the solidified material must have been completely changed.