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What are the types of potting gum?

Potting materials can be divided into:

-Epoxy resin potting glue: One group of epoxy resin potting adhesive, two-group epoxy resin potting;

-Silicone Rubber potting sealant: RTV silicone rubber; Double-formed silicone rubber potting; two-part condensed siliconRubber potting sealant;

-Polyurethane Potting Adhesive: Two-part polyurethane potting adhesive;

-UV potting: UV curing potting sealant;

-Hot Melt potting gum: Eva Hot melt adhesive;

-RTV Silicone rubber or silicone gel for electrical and electronic components potting, can play a moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, shockproof, sealing, anti-theft role, and improve the use of performance and stability parameters.

And it is liquid before vulcanization, easy to perfusion, easy to use.

(1) Epoxy resin potting glue: One group of epoxy resin potting glue, two groups of epoxy resin potting glue;

(2) Silicone rubber potting glue: RTV Silicone Rubber, two-part silicone rubber potting glue, two-group condensation-type silicone rubber potting glue;

(3) Polyurethane potting glue: Double-group polyurethane potting glue;

(4) UV potting glue: UV light curing potting glue;

(5) Hot Melt potting glue: Eva Hot Melt adhesive.

RTV Silicone:

RTV Silicone rubber is mainly used for potting electrical and electronic components, and it is liquid before vulcanization, easy to perfusion, easy to use.

High temperature resistant potting adhesive:

High temperature sealing glue, can withstand 1200 ℃ or even higher temperature, before the solidification of liquid-like, with fluidity, after curing can play dust, insulation, heat insulation, confidentiality, anti-corrosion, high-temperature, shockproof role.

Thickness: According to the customer's own needs, can be arbitrary thickness, at low temperature of 70 ℃ or at room temperature thoroughly dry, only after a thorough drying can be tightened into the hot state of use.