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Say a word potting gum?

   Potting GlueUseIn the electronic components of the bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection.

Potting Gum English Name: potting of smidahk; used for bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection of electronic components. Potting gum in the liquid before the solidification, with fluidity, the viscosity of the liquid according to the product's material, performance, production process differences. Potting sealant can be fully cured to realize its use value, after curing can play a waterproof, dustproof, insulation, heat conduction, confidentiality, anti-corrosion, temperature, shock-resistant role. Electronic potting type is very many, from the material types, the most commonly used at present the main 3 kinds, namely epoxy resin potting, silicone resin potting, polyurethane potting, and these three kinds of material potting gum can be subdivided into hundreds of different products.

Potting is an important application field of polyurethane resin. has been widely used in electronic device manufacturing industry, is an indispensable important insulating material in the electronics industry.

Potting is the liquid polyurethane complex with mechanical or manual filling of electronic components, circuit devices, at room temperature or heating conditions to become excellent thermosetting polymer insulation materials.

Its role is: to strengthen the integrity of electronic devices, improve the external impact, vibration resistance, improve the internal components, wiring between the insulation, is conducive to miniaturization, lightweight, to avoid components, line direct exposure, improve the device waterproof, moisture-proof performance. Epoxy potting Sealant Application range, technical requirements vary widely, a wide variety. The curing condition is divided into two kinds of temperature curing and heating curing. Two-component and one-component types are divided from the dosage form.

Ambient temperature cured epoxy potting resin is generally two-component, after potting without heating can be cured, the equipment requirements are not high, easy to use. The disadvantage is that the complex operation viscosity is big, infiltration is poor, the application period is short, it is difficult to realize automatic production, and the curing heat resistance and electrical performance is not very high. Generally used in Low-voltage electronic device potting or not suitable for heating curing occasions. Compared with the two-component heating and curing potting gum, the outstanding advantage is that the necessary potting equipment is simple, easy to use, and the quality of potting glue is less dependent on the equipment and process.

Heat-cured two-component epoxy potting gum is the most widely used variety. It is characterized by low viscosity of the complex, good workmanship, long application period, good infiltration, excellent comprehensive performance, suitable for high-voltage electronic device automatic production line using one-component epoxy potting material, is a new development of foreign varieties, need to be heated and cured.

RTV Silicone Rubber or silicone gel for electrical and electronic components potting, can play the role of moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, shockproof, and improve the use of performance and stability parameters, which is liquid before vulcanization, easy perfusion, easy to use. When using silicone gel for potting, do not release low molecular, no stress contraction, can be deep vulcanization, without any corrosion, transparent silica gel in the transparent elastomer after vulcanization, the encapsulated components in the plastic layer is clearly visible, you can use acupuncture to measure component parameters, easy to detect and repair. There are also opaque gray or black, using a range of different colors.

Room temperature vulcanized Foam silicone rubber for electronic computer memory core plate, vibration, shock, hot and cold alternating and so on a number of tests fully meet the requirements. Add molding RTV Silicone rubber on the basis of the preparation of the fire-resistant potting gum, for the TV high pressure caps and high-voltage cable foreskin products such as the mold is very effective. One-component RTV Silicone rubber can be used as surface coating protection material without sealing or inconvenient immersion and potting protection. General electronic components of the surface protection coating are RTV silicone rubber, with the addition of silicone gel for internal coating. The application of the glass resin coating electronic apparatus and instrument element is more extensive.

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