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Emulsion cutting Fluid

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Emulsion cutting Fluid
Emulsion cutting Fluid

jtf-e102It is a general water-soluble nano-metal, which is milky like water diluted.Cutting fluidConcentrated liquid, is a good cost-effective products. With good nano-lubrication, cooling, extreme pressure action, can meet a variety of material cutting and grinding operations. Because it contains more mineral oil composition, the formation of large particles in the water droplet molecule, can form strong physical lubrication performance, by most operations proved to be effective in lieu of oily products lubrication cooling.

First, the applicable materials:

Recommended: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy and other non-ferrous metals. Also applicable: Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals.

Second, the product characteristics:

1, excellent lubrication properties-Physical oil film lubrication properties and the chemical adsorption lubrication properties including extreme pressure lubricants, their synergistic effect, enhance the processing fluid in the processing of hard metal in the extreme pressure lubrication performance, greatly increased the life of the tool, but also improve the surface of the metal processing finish;

2, excellent anti-corrosion performance-including high efficiency rust inhibitor and metal corrosion inhibitor, does not contain nitrite on ferrous metals have a good antirust effect, but also has a protective effect on non-ferrous metals;

3, good cleaning performance-after processing the workpiece is very easy to use water and alkaline cleaning agent to remove residual cutting fluid;

4, excellent anti-corrosion performance-add excellent bacteria and mold inhibitors, can effectively control bacterial reproduction, prolong the service life of cutting fluid;

5, the environment-friendly –jtf-e102 effective resistance to bacterial degradation and deposition of metal chips to its catalytic decomposition, by reducing the concentration of supplemental add to reduce costs. Waste liquid does not contain harmful environmental substances, emissions will not lead to environmental degradation.

Third, the use of guidance:

1. Before using this product, please wash the machine table and the processing liquid trough/Chi Qing and add the jtf® processing liquid;

2, not recommended in the processing of active metals, such as: magnesium, zirconium and other materials;

3, strict control concentration (new liquid), is conducive to prolonging the service life of the whole groove processing fluid;

4, if the processing liquid tank/pool in the presence of oil should be regularly cleared, conducive to inhibit bacterial reproduction;

5, without permission to add/mix other products, if necessary with June Tai Fung contact to obtain technical support.

jtf-e102 Nano-water-soluble emulsion cutting and grinding concentrate


Iv. Deployment Instructions:

1, recommended use: Light load Processing: 3.5~5%, Medium load Processing: 5~7%, heavy load processing: 7~10%;

2, typical operation usage: 3.5% (1:27) to 10% (1:9);

3, if more than the typical range of use, please contact us to obtain technical support;

4, jtf-e102 and water after mixing use (concentrate liquid into water dilution);

5, please try to use deionized water to dilute, help prolong the working fluid life, reduce the concentration of the use of liquid, fully reflect the performance of the processing fluid;

6. No additional substances shall be added to the concentrate and thinner unless permitted by the Jtf® Technical Services Department;

7, concentration control can be obtained by refractometer ① and refraction coefficient of dilution liquid ② concentration percent content;

Refractometer readings x refraction coefficient = concentration percent content;

① the test sample, the first use deionized water to adjust the optical instrument to the reading of 0.0;

② sampling of processed liquid as far as possible to choose Cleaner (non-polluting).

Five, storage description:

1, to avoid direct exposure to the sun exposure;

2. Avoid contact with source of fire and heat;

3, to avoid contact with strong oxidizing agent, alkali, acid;

4, avoid mixing moisture;

5, open the lid to remove part of the concentrated liquid should be covered in time to prevent pollution in the packaging barrel products;

6, should be placed in the cool ventilation of the household storage;

7, long-term storage after the appearance of some products color depth does not affect its use effect;

8, such as low-temperature freezing, please put the products in 20 ℃ environment completely thawed after the use does not affect the effect.

Six, packaging Specifications:

The packages available are:

1, 20 liters/plastic barrel;

2, 200 liters/large drums.

Security matters:

Please refer to its JTF®MSDS (Material Safety Data sheet) or contact June Tai Fung Technical Service.


Vii. Other Matters:

The production of the formula for fine-tuning or normal changes in the final product data may be slightly different from the table. are in normal range without prior notice!