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How to use the heat conductive adhesive and what are the points of attention?

   Heat conductive AdhesiveAnd what are the points of attention, you know? Below June Tai Fung's small series to give you a detailed explanation.

   Surface treatment: Remove the substrate surface loose material, using sandblasting, electric grinding wheel, wire brush or coarse sandpaper, such as grinding, improve the surface roughness to repair, using acetone cleaning agent to clean the surface.

   Coating: The patch is made up of a, B and two components, the use of strict according to the provisions of the mix will be the main agent A and the curing agent B fully mixed to uniform color uniformity, and in the prescribed time to use, the remaining plastic can not be reused;

   Apply the mixture to the treated substrate surface, apply force evenly, repeatedly press, ensure the material and the surface of the substrate fully contact to achieve the best results. Need Multilayer gelatinize, the original coating surface should be treated and then smear;

Under the temperature of 25 ℃ can be appropriate to extend the curing time, when the temperature is less than 15 ℃, the use of appropriate heat source for heating (infrared, electric furnace, etc.), but can not be heated directly contact the repair site, the correct operation is the heat source from the surface of the repair of more than 40cm,


This product does not belong to dangerous goods, can be transported by non dangerous goods;

Place in children, avoid direct sunlight, shade storage;


Summer construction Attention: when the ambient temperature of more than 35 ℃, each time the glue should not be too much, after dispensing should be quickly coated;

If you encounter special materials difficult to bond, you can first use the treatment agent products on the surface of the coating on a thin layer to be dry after the sizing;

If the position of the sizing site is deep, especially in the location of the air is not easy to contact, the time of complete curing will be prolonged, if the temperature is lower, curing time will be prolonged;

After the use of silica gel again, such as the seal has a little crust, as long as the removal can be used normally, does not affect the effect of silica gel (but must be in strict sealed storage environment);

Avoid contact with skin or eyes, if accidentally contact, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor, the studio should maintain good ventilation, when necessary wear protective tools.