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What are the characteristics and uses of the conductive adhesive?

   Heat conductive AdhesiveWhat are the characteristics and uses, you know? Below June Tai Fung Small series to give you a detailed explanation.


★ has excellent thermal conductivity (thermal performance), after curing the thermal conductivity [w/(M K)] achieves the 1.1~1.5, provides the high guaranteed heat dissipation coefficient for the electronic product, for the electronic product (especially needs the high heat dissipation product) in the use process stability plays the safeguard function, enhances the product use performance and the life;

★ has superior electrical properties, anti-aging, heat and cold alternating performance, moisture-proof swelling, electrical insulation performance, power decay rate, shockproof, waterproof, vibration-absorbing and stability, increased the electronic products in the use of the safety factor in the process;

★ Excellent adhesion strength, especially for electronic components, aluminum, PVC, PBT and other plastic has good adhesion, at the same time has excellent sealing, but also has excellent adhesion and thermal conductivity;

★ Fast Curing speed, easy to squeeze, but not flowing, easy to operate, manual sizing can also be mechanical sizing, do not leak glue, to meet any working environment and operating conditions, with simple, convenient sizing benefits;

★ is a non-toxic, no irritant gas release, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, more safety and environmental protection, has passed the EU RoHS standards, while allowing operating personnel and the use of electronic products consumers at ease, for the safety and environmental protection provided a double protection;

★ With excellent high and low temperature performance, short-term resistance to 300 degrees high temperature, long-term high temperature 280 degrees, low temperature-60 degrees;


★led Drive module components and shell heat dissipation bonding fixed; high-power LED product sizing, such as high-power LED lights, LED street lights, led power supply, led underwater landscape lamp, led point Light source, led indoor tube lamp and stent bonding, PCB board and cooling aluminum plate adhesive fixed, such as adhesive;

★ Because of the adhesive on the metal surface has a strong adhesion, not easy to flake, is widely used in the PTC chip and aluminum heatsink bonding, sealing, and sensor surface plug-in line or film coating, fixed;

★ Mainly used in the CPU radiator, thyristor, Chip and heatsink between the heat dissipation, the electric iron floor heat conduction adhesive, transformer heat conduction and electronic components fixed, and then filled;

★ The thermal conductive adhesive replaces the traditional card and screw connection mode;

★ Thermal conductive adhesive is widely used in industrial production, and is the vast number of users are called: Thermal conductive adhesive, thermal silica gel, thermal insulation adhesive, thermal conductivity materials, thermal silica gel, LED thermal silica gel and so on.