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Say a thermal silica gel!

   Thermal Silica GelAlso known as thermal grease, it should actually be called silicone paste, which is silicone oil plus filler. Silicone oil is a type of polysiloxane. From the structure is a lot of silane connected together to form a long chain, molecular weight thousands of to hundreds of thousands of, with excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, damping, and viscosity is not sensitive to temperature. Its chemical property is stable, not volatile, non-toxic and tasteless.


Thermal silica gel filler for grinding very fine powder, the ingredients are zinc oxide/alumina/boron nitride/SIC/aluminum powder, etc. (we usually see the white things). Silicone oil guarantees a certain fluidity, while filler fills the small gap between the CPU and the radiator, ensuring the thermal conductivity. Due to the low temperature sensitivity of silicone oil, low temperature does not thicken, under high temperature will not be diluted, and not volatile, so can be used for a long time.


Heat transfer between the heat sink and the CPU is mainly through the conduction path, mainly through the heat sink and CPU direct contact between the realization. The significance of thermal silica grease is to fill the gap between the contact more complete. If the silicone grease is excessive and a silicone layer is formed between the CPU and the heatsink, the heat dissipation path becomes the CPU---the silicone grease---the heatsink. The thermal conductivity of the silicone grease is about 1~2w/(MK), and the heat sink of the aluminum alloy is above 200w/(MK), in which case the silicone grease becomes a factor impeding heat transfer. So apply silicone grease must be appropriate, just on the CPU core coated with a thin layer on it.


Now some high-grade silica gel using silver or aluminum powder as filler, is the use of the metal's high thermal conductivity, but relatively large metal particles, filling effect is poor, the performance of the increase is not small, and make silicone grease conductive, improper use of easy to cause short circuit.

What needs to be stated is:

Silicone oil "volatile" is relative, the use of longer time, some of the poor quality of silicone oil will be due to the small loss of dry.

Magic Special Friendship Reminder, silicone oil separation time is an important indicator of the good difference of the thermal paste.


Thermal Silica gel is used as a heat transfer media based on Polysiloxane, supplemented by high thermal conductivity fillers, non-toxic tasteless non-corrosive, chemical and physical properties of the stability of both excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, at the same time with high and low temperature, can be in -60 0 c~250 C temperature range, Long-term work without drying hardening or melting phenomena. Mainly used to fill the gap between the heating body and the heat sink, improve the heat dissipation effect.