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What are the differences between polyurethane, silicone, epoxy resin potting gum?

   Polyurethane, silicone, epoxy tree esterPotting GlueWhat's the difference, you know? The following June Tai Fung's small series will give you a detailed explanation.

   Polyurethane (PU) potting gum is mainly composed of multiple diisocyanate and polyether polyol in the presence of catalysts (ethylene two amine) crosslinking curing, the formation of high polymer, polyurethane adhesive has good bonding properties, insulation properties and good weather performance, hardness can be adjusted diisocyanate and polyether polyol content of two changes, Can be transported to a variety of electronic and electrical equipment packaging.


   Epoxy resin and polyurethane adhesive, can be made into two-part adhesive, epoxy resin potting generally by bisphenol A epoxy resin, curing agent (amine or anhydride), reinforcing additives and fillers and other components, room temperature curing time is longer, can be heated curing, after curing bonding strength, and hardness is generally larger, can be made transparent potting gum, Used for encapsulation of electrical modules and diodes. For the two-group sealing gum, the use of the same method is basically the same, batching-mixing-vacuum-potting. Two-component potting equipment can be used to simplify the entire operation, while also saving operating time and reducing waste of raw materials.


   Polyurethane potting sealant, for the electronics industry precision circuit controllers and components need long-term protection and development of sealant. With excellent electrical insulation, especially suitable for harsh environment (such as damp, vibration and corrosive places) the use of electronic circuit boards and components of the seal. Applicable to a variety of electronic components, micro-computer control Panel, such as potting, such as: Washing machine control Board, Pulse ignition, electric bicycle drive controller.

Polyurethane potting gum into pu potting, polyurethane elastic potting materials to overcome the common use of epoxy resin embrittlement and low strength of silicone resin, poor adhesion, with excellent water resistance, heat, cold, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature impact, moisture-proof, environmental protection, cost-effective high characteristics, is an ideal electronic components potting protection material. Comprehensive to meet the V0 flame retardant Grade (UL), environmental Protection Certification (SGS) and other certification.

Especially for lithium-ion battery leakage problem, polyurethane potting adhesive showed strong resistance to electrolyte corrosion characteristics.

Conductivity Thermal insulation composite powder filler high heat conduction effect:

A new type of high thermal insulation composite powder, widely used in thermal conductivity silica gel, led cooling, thermal conductive plastics and other polymer materials;

Its main components are nanometer silicon nitride, nanometer silicon carbide, nano-aluminum nitride, nano-boron nitride, high spherical alumina, nano-silicon nitride (with regular orientation structure), such as the combination of a variety of ultra-high thermal conductivity fillers, according to each material size, shape, surface wettability, doping fraction, the difference of their own thermal conductivity, Using particles of different particle size, so that the largest filling between the filler, the heat conduction network in the system is formed to the maximum extent to achieve effective heat transfer, obtain the high heat conduction system; The appearance is the gray-white fluffy powder, the product purity is high, the particle size is small, distributes evenly, the specific surface area is big, the high surface activity, the loose density is low There is a high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity >400w/mk, and insulation is very good, resistivity in 10 of the 16 times, and can withstand 1800 degrees of high temperature, through special surface treatment, the surface oxygen content is very low, can be successfully applied to epoxy resin, polyurethane, thermal silica gel, thermal grease, plastic, Because of its very strong thermal conductivity, the general addition ratio of 1% (quality ratio) around, you can make the polymer resin to reach about 3W thermal conductivity, can replace the high amount of nano-alumina powder, toxic nano-oxide, etc., Shanghai Super-Wei Nano-Technology Co., Ltd. can be modified according to the customer's different system, Solve the problem of the filler hydrolysis, oxidation, difficult to disperse, help customers to provide technical support.