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Talk about electronic glue!

   Electronic Adhesiveis a broad term used mainly for the bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection of electronic components. The main representative of electronic adhesives for silicone sealant and silicone potting sealant.


   RTV Silicone Rubber or silicone gel for electrical and electronic components potting, can play the role of moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, shockproof, and improve the use of performance and stability parameters, and its before vulcanization is liquid, easy perfusion, easy to use. Application of silicone gel for potting, do not release the low molecule, no stress contraction, can be deep vulcanization, without any corrosion, after vulcanization into transparent elastomer, the plastic layer of the encapsulated components are clearly visible, you can use acupuncture to measure component parameters, easy to detect and repair. Room temperature vulcanized Foam silicone rubber for electronic computer memory core plate, vibration, shock, hot and cold alternating and so on a number of tests fully meet the requirements. Add molding RTV Silicone rubber on the basis of the preparation of the fire-resistant potting gum, for the TV high pressure caps and high-voltage cable foreskin products such as the mold is very effective. One-component RTV Silicone rubber can be used as surface coating protection material without sealing or inconvenient immersion and potting protection. General electronic components of the surface protection coating are RTV silicone rubber, with the addition of silicone gel for internal coating. In recent years, the application of glass resin coating electronic apparatus and instrument components is more extensive.


1. Keep away from children's storage.

2, this product in the curing process will release small molecules, skin and eyes have a slightly stimulating effect, recommended in a good ventilation place to use.

3, if accidentally contact the skin, wipe clean, and then rinse with water, if inadvertently contact eyes, immediately rinse with water and to the hospital for inspection.