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Thermal vulcanization Adhesives

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Thermal vulcanization Adhesives
Abstract: JTF-633 Metal and silica gel hot vulcanization bonding Agent

Hot vulcanization Adhesives for metals, plastics,Siliconesuch as heat vulcanization bonding.

First, use:

Heat vulcanization adhesive for metal and silicone jtf-633/3kg/5kg/barrel, JTF-633 metal and silicone Hot vulcanization adhesive is a kind of surface modifier which is hard to be developed by hot vulcanization silica gel with metal and plastic. It is mainly used to modify the surface of various metals and plastics so that it can be bonded with the heat vulcanization silica gel, it has the advantages of fast drying, small pollution, complete and lasting modification.

Second, function and characteristics:

JTF-633 metal and silicone hot vulcanization adhesive can be used in most metals and plastics for many surface modification:

1, it has the advantages of fast drying speed, can greatly shorten the operation time, improve work efficiency;

2, it has the characteristics of small pollution, the treatment agent after drying to the environment pollution-free;

3, with a complete modification of the characteristics of most metals and plastics can be completely modified, so that its surface can completely and heat vulcanization silicone very good adhesion;

4, with durability, long-term guarantee of adhesion;

5, this product on silica gel and other properties of metal have no obvious effect.

Third, technical specifications:

Four, the use of methods:

Can be directly evenly coated on the metal and plastic surface, and then with the Heat vulcanization silicone high-temperature vulcanization can be.

Safety: This product is not flammable products, the process of vulcanization will not produce harmful substances.

Five: Precautions:

1, this product can not be mixed with the rest of the treatment agent;

2, before use to ensure that the metal or plastic surface clean no oil or dust;

3, in the cool place seals the preservation;

4, because this product is chemical products, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before using the sample, suitable, please rest assured use.

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