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Silicone Treatment Agent

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Silicone Treatment Agent
Abstract: JTF-279 Silicone Treatment Agent

For silicone surface treatment, easy to paste on the top of the adhesive paper.

First, use:

JTF-279 Silicone Treatment Agentis aimed at a variety of silicone mats and silicone products difficult to paste double-sided adhesive development of a silicone surface modifier, mainly used for all kinds of silica gel surface modification so that it can with a variety of double-sided adhesive is very good adhesion, it has a fast drying speed, small pollution, the advantages of complete and lasting modification.

function and characteristics

TwoJTF-279 Silicone Treatment AgentCan be used for the surface modification of a variety of silica gel:

1, it has the advantages of fast drying speed, can greatly shorten the operation time, improve work efficiency;

2, it has the characteristics of small pollution, the treatment agent after drying to the environment pollution-free;

3, with a complete modification of the characteristics of silica gel surface can be completely modified so that its surface can completely and double-sided adhesive bonding;

4, with durability, long-term guarantee of adhesion;

5, this product has no obvious effect on other properties of silica gel.

Technical Specifications

Third, the use of methods:

Can be directly evenly coated on the silica gel surface, when it is completely dry and double-sided adhesive bonding.