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Single-Group Silicone adhesive

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Single-Group Silicone adhesive

Single GroupSiliconeThe adhesive is mainly used for adhesion between PP and pp/pe/pom/tpe/nylon and other inert surfaces.

First, use:

Single-group silicone adhesive mainly for PP and POM, nylon and other inert surface bonding between the development of a binder, mainly for PC and PP, PE, POM, TPE, nylon and other mutual bonding, it has a strong adhesion, bonding speed and so on.

Second, function and characteristics:

Single-group silicone adhesive is mainly used for bonding between PC and Pom, nylon and other inert surfaces, the main functions are as follows:

1, with the characteristics of strong adhesion, after the adhesion of the object is difficult to rely on the separation of external forces;

2, it has the characteristics of small pollution, colloidal curing of the environment without pollution;

3, with durability, long-term guarantee of adhesion;

4, this product after curing basically no bleaching phenomenon.

Third, the use of methods:

Apply this product directly on the need to adhere to the site, will need to adhere to the plastic fast adhesion, and on the surface of a certain pressure, 10 seconds or so to achieve good adhesion strength.

Four, the use of specifications:

Five, security:

One group of silicone adhesives is flammable products, should avoid contact with open flames.

Six, Attention matters:

1, this product can not be mixed with the rest of the glue;

2, before use to ensure that the plastic surface clean without oil or dust;

3, bonding when the application of a certain pressure on the adhesive, bonding effect is better;

4, away from the fire, in the dry and cool place airtight preservation, must ensure that in the ventilation environment to operate;

5, because this product is chemical products, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before using the sample, suitable, please rest assured use.

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