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Thermal silicone Grease

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Thermal silicone Grease
Thermal silicone Grease

First, use:

JTF-109 Heat ConductionSilicone GreaseWidely used in a variety of high thermal electrical components of the filling or coating, to conduct components generated by the heat. such as CPU and radiator between the filler, high-power transistor, SCR components, diodes and substrates (aluminum, copper) Contact the gap at the filling, such as the heat transfer medium role, can reduce the working temperature of heating elements, thus prolonging its service life.

Second, the thermal conductivity silicone grease function and characteristics:

1, excellent thermal conductivity, effectively improve the electrical product cooling capacity;

2, good electrical insulation and the use of stability;

3, with strong anti-ultraviolet and weatherability ability;

4, resistant to high and low temperature, in a wide range of temperature ( -40-250℃) can still maintain a stable working condition;

5, because it will not solidify, easy to repair and disassembly device;

6, this product is silicone products, with excellent environmental protection.

Third, the use of methods:

1, cleaning to cover the surface, remove oil;

2, directly apply to the need to fill the site, when used to avoid a large stir, so as not to bring out the bubble to make the filling uneven.

Four, security:

1, thermal grease for silicone products, does not contain any harmful substances, is environmentally friendly products, even if the human body direct contact will not have any adverse reactions;

2, this series of products is not flammable product, will not produce volatile substances, no risk of explosion.

Five, Attention matters:

1, thermal grease can not be mixed with other types of heat-conducting paste;

2, in the guarantee of filling gaps under the premise of the thinner the better, more than useless, but will affect the conduction efficiency;

3, in the shade sealed to save, lest fall into the dust affect its thermal conductivity;

4, if accidentally contact the skin, wipe clean, and then rinse with water, if inadvertently contact eyes, immediately rinse with water and to the hospital for inspection;

5, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before use, please first and trial, suitable, can be assured of use.

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