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Single-group Organic silicone

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Single-group Organic silicone
Single-group Organic silicone

Single GroupOrganic SiliconeIt is suitable for potting the surface drop gum and half sleeve soft light strip.


Single-group organic silicone is mainly for the existing packaging materials (epoxy resins, PU glue, PU modified epoxy, etc.), such as yellowing, heat dissipation and other fatal defects developed for the various sections led soft light strips as well as piranha, the Great Wall lamps, such as LED lighting special potting glue, this packaging adhesive with high transparency, high heat dissipation, The light in the water does not have the characteristics of fog and never yellowing.


I. Functions and Features:

One-part organic silica gel is mainly used for LED decorative lamp potting its main functions are as follows:

1, it has excellent waterproof, can protect the lighting is not water immersion, and long-term water in the light does not fog;

2, with excellent heat dissipation, can ensure that the chip in the use of the process will not be due to excessive temperature and affect the service life;

3, with excellent transmittance and refractive index, can minimize the light decay of the light source;

4, with super Anti-ultraviolet ability, to ensure that the lighting in its service life will never turn yellow;

5, with excellent weather performance, to ensure that the lighting in a wide range of temperature ( -40~220℃) and underwater, such as the normal use of special circumstances, so that the use of lighting area almost unlimited;

6, this series of products are cured at room temperature, the main curing mechanism is with the air moisture reaction and curing, so the temperature is not sensitive, so that its curing conditions require simpler, easier to operate.

Technical Specifications

Second, the use of methods:

Silicone potting gum are a single group of liquid, the use of direct glue into the need to fill the place, so that its natural leveling can be placed about 1 hours, after its initial curing, and then packaging.

Third, security:

1, this series products for pure silicone products, does not contain any harmful substances, is environmentally friendly products, even if the human body direct contact will not have any adverse reactions;

2, this series of products is not flammable product, will not produce volatile substances, no risk of explosion;

3, this series of products in the curing process will not produce any harmful substances, the environment and no harm to the human body.

Four, Attention matters:

1, this glue can not be mixed with other glue;

2, in the potting casing products should be as full as possible to fill a point, after curing the appearance will be more beautiful, the use of glue on the surface of the recommended customers can be in the first time after the drop, after the gel and then drop again, cured after the effect will be better;

3, so the series of glue in response to water, not used up the glue must be sealed to save the storage conditions at room temperature in a cool place to save the best;

4, this product should try to avoid long-term contact with the washing board water, days that water and so on and solvents and strong acid and alkali;

5, because silicone potting gum is chemical products, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before using the sample, suitable, please rest assured that use.