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One-part heat dissipation paste

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One-part heat dissipation paste
One-part heat dissipation paste

Single GroupThermal pasteUsed for bonding and potting all kinds of high heating rate electronic products.

First, use:

One-component thermal paste is the company's needle LED display and electrical components dedicatedPotting Glue.The product has a fast curing time, high-strength, high adhesion, medium elasticity, insulation and thermal conductivity, resistance to flexion, oxidation, water resistance, high and low temperature (can be used in -40~220℃ long-term), climate and other excellent characteristics. Products and silica gel groove, PVC groove, plexiglass, ABS plastic, aluminum groove and other materials can be tightly bonded.

Second, function and characteristics:

One-component heat sinks are mainly used in LED display and various electrical components of the potting main functions are as follows:

1, it has excellent waterproof nature, can protect the lighting not by water immersion;

2, with excellent adhesion, you can ensure that the sealing parts of electrical appliances in the use of the process will not be cracked by external forces;

3, with excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity can be up to (2.0w/m*k), can quickly the heat emitted by high heat components;

4, has the ultra strong ultraviolet ray and the weather resistance ability, can guarantee the electrical appliance in its service life colloid never to become brittle;

5, the product is a single group of room temperature curing, the main curing mechanism is with the air in the water reaction and curing, so the temperature is not sensitive, easy to operate and concise.

Third, technical specifications:

Four, the use of methods:

1, used for potting the colloid extrusion directly to the need to fill the position can be, half an hour after the next operation;

2, for bonding, glue extrusion to the need to adhere to the site, strain can can be positioned after bonding.

Five, security:

1, this series products for pure silicone products, does not contain any harmful substances, is environmentally friendly products, even if the human body direct contact will not have any adverse reactions;

2, this series of products is not flammable product, will not produce volatile substances, no risk of explosion;

3, this series of products in the curing process will not produce any harmful substances, the environment and no harm to the human body.


Six, a single set of thermal silica Note:

1, this glue can not be mixed with other glue;

2, glue extrusion, to wait for its gel (generally 3-5 minutes or so) in order to carry out subsequent operations;

3, unused glue need to be sealed to save, as long as the glue gel can be used;

4, such as the previous use of plastic and the plastic time interval is very large, the container can be located in the position of the glue may be solidified, this is a normal phenomenon, will be solidified part of the glue can continue to use;

5, at room temperature in a cool place sealed preservation;

6, because this product is chemical products, your specific production process is not the Division I can control, so before using the sample, suitable, please rest assured use.