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June Taifeng Values

VisionDo hundred years of enterprise, sustainable management, achievement of every June Tai Fung people!

MissionInnovation and diligence, for the enterprise savings, for the social energy saving!

FaithPerseverance, mutual benefit and win!

GuidelinesThe idea changes the action, the action changes the habit, the habit changes the life!

New Employee Welcome Word


Welcome to be June Taifeng! This will be your future home!

Opportunity let us together, so that we understand each other, and then trust each other, let us become partners. Understanding and trust is the foundation of pleasant cooperation, diligent and happy to work is our always respected professional model, we should work together, efforts to fight, there is June Taifeng such an enterprise platform, I believe you can fully play the wisdom and achievements. The person with responsibility, good cooperation and hard work will succeed in June Taifeng.

June Taifeng to pay for performance, the responsibility of the treatment. As long as you work steadily, everything step-by-step, beginning and finish, in this you will certainly not wasted years. For hard work, opportunities are always equal, your efforts, the company will understand, to withstand the grievances and test, the courage to accept the challenges of fate, indomitable forward.

The company's management system has been constantly improving to make it more reasonable, but before the formal modification, the staff must strictly abide by. Strict in the law has been, wider than others, learn to do things, but also learn to behave.

Under the blue sky, there is a home. From now on, you will be with June Tai Feng, with the life of a total. June Taifeng will also provide you with the development and growth of space, you should also fully demonstrate the knowledge, talent and excellent character, as soon as possible, better integration in the family.

The joint efforts of all staff is June-Tai Fung Sustainable development momentum. The company hopes that employees will bear in mind their rights, responsibilities and obligations, love the country, loyal enterprises, law-abiding, dedication to the duty, with the enterprise with breathing, a total fate.

Tomorrow, June Taifeng will change because of you!