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Address: Shenzhen Bright new District, public-ming potato field PO Community Emerging Industrial Zone A, the first second floor 201

         Shenzhen Jun Tai Feng new material co., ltd was founded in 2009.It is a collection of research and development, production and sales. Company is located in Shenzhen Guangming District, Shutianpu community, Xinxing industrial park. Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, superior geographical location and traffic environment, to provide customers with convenient service!  
      Our main products are:Organic Silicone series, LED light bar series, silicone extrusion series, nano-cutting fluid series, and so on. Products are widely used in: Electronics industry, LED, Electronics, electrical potting sealant, waterproof sealing materials, silicone rubber surface treatment agents and other fields.Solve the above several major series of industries in a number of difficult problems, at the same time already has several independent intellectual property rights (National Invention Patent),and has won the national and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises identified。 Products from the market since, by the vast number of customers of all ages!
   Company covers an area of about , with advanced research and development base and production equipment. Companies and Tsinghua University and other well-known domestic institutions have established a wide range of cooperative relations, the company focused on research and development cooperation.The company has a high-quality research and development team, manufacturing team, quality inspection team, after-sales service team。 Monthly production capacity up to500 tons。 is currently the industry's largest and most competitive enterprises. The company has strictly pressedISO9001, ISO14000 The international Quality Management system requires operation. High-quality research and development team and management team, improve the enterprise management mechanism, high-quality after-sales service. To meet the quality requirements of different customers and delivery! For customers to solve the worries!
      The company has always been adhering to: science and technology leader, quality first, customer first, quality service policy!To product deliveryPass rate of 100%;Customer satisfaction is greater than 99%For quality goals! Welcome customers at home and abroad inquiries! Sincere cooperation with you!
   The company currently serves the corporate brand has:Ebbison photoelectric, Sanxiong lighting, Foshan lighting, Zhao Guang photoelectric, CLS Light Electricity, National Starlight Power and other domestic and large well-known corporate brands. Product sales domestic market and exported to Taiwan and other regions.